Astrology - Zodiac Signs

Astrology - Zodiac Signs

Course Tutor: Wort Moon

Number of Lessons: 12

Level: Beginners to Intermediate

Prerequisites: None

Cost: £12 unlimited access

Course Description:

In the first of our courses on Western Astrology, we shall learn about the core qualities of each sign using an easy to remember, formulaic system that will help us to be able to compare and contrast how each sign presents itself in its isolated form. This course also takes a brief look at the mythology and meaning behind the symbols that represent each sign to help deepen our understanding of their energies. 

By the end of this course, students will:

Course Modules:

Lesson 1 - A Brief History of Astrology

Lesson 2 - The Zodiac Wheel

Lesson 3 - Qualities

Lesson 4 - Polarities

Lesson 5 - Triplicities

Lesson 6 - Modalities

Lesson 7 - Isolated Forms

Lesson 8 - The Fire Signs

Lesson 9 - The Earth Signs

Lesson 10 - The Air Signs

Lesson 11 - The Water Signs

Lesson 12 - Symbols & Glyphs 

Course Access Requirements 

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Additional Resources:

Text books and additional materials are not required for this course. Links to additional resources and recommended book titles have been provided but are not essential for completion. 


Coursework & Submissions 

This course has been graded as having a 'moderate' level of coursework. In addition to reading the lesson information, students are expected to complete written assignments and quizzes to test their knowledge of the information presented, and understanding of how to apply it.