Candle Magick

Candle Magick

Course Tutor: Wort Moon

Number of Lesson Modules: 12

Level: Suitable for beginners and beyond

Prerequisites: None

Cost: £12 unlimited access

Course Details:

Fire and candle burning rituals is one of the most ancient forms of magick known to man. From Palaeolithic times through to today's birthday-candles on cakes, you will learn about the history and practice of candle burning traditions and learn how to construct your own magickal candles for spellwork, healing, divination and protection.

By the end of this course, students will:

·  Know about fire & candle magick traditions, history, festivals and rites.

·  Understand how to select a suitable candle and prepare it for ritual and spell work.

·  Be able to perform candle rituals for healing, protection, self-empowerment and any other purpose.

·  Be able to use candles and candle wax for the purpose of divination.

·  Have learnt how to go about making their own candles from scratch.

Course modules:

Lesson 1 - Fire & Candle Magick In History

Lesson 2 - Candle Magick Basics

Lesson 3 - Candle Types & Forms

Lesson 4 - Candle Colour Correspondences

Lesson 5 - Preparing Your Candle

Lesson 6 - Magickal Timing

Lesson 7 - Spiritual Assistance

Lesson 8 - Healing With Candles

Lesson 9 - Divination With Candlelight

Lesson 10 - Divination With Candle Wax

Lesson 11 - Candle Magick For Protection

Lesson 12 - Making Your Own Candles

Course Access Requirements: 

Students need access to a computer or devise that meets the system requirements. For details concerning computer and browser requirements go to:


Access your courses on the go with the mobile app. From any device, students can:

• View grades and course content

• Submit assignments

• Keep track of course work with to do list and calendar

• Send and receive messages

Additional Resources:

Text books and additional materials are not required for this course. Links to additional resources and recommended book titles have been provided but are not essential for completion. 

Coursework Requirements & Submissions:

Students are required to complete a short pre and post course survey along with coursework in the forms of short quizzes, written tests and assignments. There are no deadlines for turning in coursework and students are free to work through each module at their own time and pace.